Using only prime sustainable fish, our products include
  • breaded, tempura, crumb varieties and special batters
  • for frying and baking fillets in sauce and toppings for baking and microwaving
  • special cuts such as goujons, cocktails, bites, medallions and fish en croute
Our succulent prawns are prepared in many ways, such as
  • marinated in sauce for baking and microwaving
  • tempura and special batters
  • unique crumbs and coatings for frying and baking
Top quality squid are cut into rings , strips, tentacles, chunks, spirals, cubes and tubes, and are offered in many ways, for
  • tempura, and crumb varieties
  • award-winning batters and coatings
Additional ground-breaking seafood ranges include
  • authentic seafood soups
  • fish, prawn and squid burgers
  • pastry puffs, filo twists and specialty rolls
  • stuffed and marinated products
  • smoky fish and prawns
  • pastry puffs, filo twists and specialty rolls